Diving Deep into the Directors Development Programme Accelerator

The role of a Director is more challenging and demanding than ever in the current business climate. Recognizing this, In Professional Development has meticulously crafted the Directors Development Programme Accelerator (DDP) in association with industry experts and academia.

This program is an invaluable resource for current and aspiring directors, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and insights necessary to excel in their roles.

Key Points

  • The Directors Development Programme Accelerator focuses on enhancing leadership, strategy, and governance skills for senior roles.
  • It’s designed for experienced managers and directors to deepen their boardroom knowledge and skills.
  • Key topics include director responsibilities, financial literacy, leadership, strategic planning, and marketing.
  • Participants can earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership from the University of Chester.
  • The program includes experienced tutors across various business disciplines.
  • It prepares participants to effectively operate and influence decision-making at the executive level.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Structure

The DDP is structured to provide a holistic understanding of a Director’s role and responsibilities. Participants gain insights into leadership, corporate strategy, finance, and, crucially, organizational governance​​.

This is achieved through subject specialists, cutting-edge research, case studies, and models, ensuring participants are proficiently equipped to improve board effectiveness and increase their contribution at a board level​​.

Learning Outcomes and Target Audience

Designed for managers, directors, and senior stakeholders with at least three years of senior management experience, the programme aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the legal obligations, personal liabilities, and duties of a director.

It builds crucial commercial, operational, and leadership skills, fostering confidence to effectively operate at the executive level. This comprehensive approach ensures participants are well-versed in the latest boardroom practices and principles and are skilled in influencing the board to deliver effective outcomes​​.

Session Highlights

The DDP covers several key areas:

  1. The Role of the Company Director and the Board: This session covers director duties as defined in the Companies Act 2006, corporate and ethical governance, risk management, boardroom challenge and support, and legislative changes​​.
  1. Finance for Non-Finance Directors: It includes understanding key financial reports, interpreting financial information, accounting principles, and stakeholder relationships​​.
  1. Advanced Leadership for Directors: This focuses on self-awareness in leadership, managing performance, influencing positive workplace culture, and developing effective teams​​.
  1. Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors: It addresses strategic vs. operational thinking, strategic business planning, and organizational change management​​.
  1. Strategic Marketing and Communications for Leaders: This session involves understanding market share, brand development, public affairs, and stakeholder communications​​.

Postgraduate Certification Opportunity

Upon completion, participants can opt for a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors, validated by the University of Chester.

This level 7 qualification, sitting between an undergraduate degree and a master’s, can be achieved within 7 months. The modules include Governance and Finance, Leading and Managing an Organisation, and Strategic Leadership and Marketing​​.

Expert Tutors

The programme features a diverse team of tutors, each an expert in their respective field.

These include Mel Ross, focusing on humanizing transformation; Jeremy Earnshaw, a Chief Financial Officer with extensive experience; Claire-Marie Boggiano, a specialist in leadership and change; Stewart McCombe, with a background in corporate banking and non-profit; Andy Bate, a seasoned corporate finance professional; Hannah March, a marketing strategist; Matt Eld, an expert in business transformation and marketing; and David Abbott, an international marketing speaker and author​​.


The Directors Development Programme Accelerator by In Professional Development is a dynamic and intensive learning journey.

It is designed to empower directors and senior leaders with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the complexities of the boardroom and drive their organizations towards success.

Whether you are an experienced director or aspiring to such a role, the DDP offers a transformative experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, guided by a team of seasoned professionals.

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