Driving Success: NEMT providers thrive with Routing box solutions

A specialized dispatching and scheduling program created specifically for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) sector is called RoutingBox. It was created by NEMT software specialists and provides real-time pricing capabilities to simplify operations. RoutingBox is well-known for its ten-year track record and extensive use in 43 states. It addresses real-world challenges and offers cutting-edge features for better access to healthcare and community services. It was developed by NEMT specialists who run a transportation business. To help providers save time and money, the software streamlines trip importing, supports real-time dispatching, and automates billing procedures.

Introduction  to RoutingBox Apps

Four different non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) apps are available from RoutingBox, each of which caters to a different aspect of NEMT services:

Desktop App: The comprehensive dispatching software application, created by NEMT experts, simplifies scheduling, billing, and daily tasks from your desktop computer. It features visual dispatching, comprehensive reporting, route optimization, route suggestion, driver tracking, vehicle safety checklist, and vehicle location tracking.

Driver App: This app serves as a connection between dispatchers at headquarters and drivers on the road, providing real-time information and updates. It has an interactive driver manifest, real-time trip status and assignment updates, an audit of the tracker’s past activities, step-by-step directions, and electronic signature capture.

Passenger App: Personalized with your company’s branding, this app improves the travel experience for passengers by providing trip alerts, reminders, real-time driver tracking, and the option to schedule self-funded or account-funded trips in advance or on demand.

Booking Portal: This website enables facilities to directly book trips without calling, streamlining the booking process and fostering client loyalty. It enables real-time updates without calling dispatchers and allows tracking of driver locations and status.

With the help of these apps, RoutingBox enables NEMT providers to streamline operations, lower no-show and cancellation rates, cut back on incoming calls, shorten wait times, and increase rider satisfaction. Assuring effective transportation services and fostering customer confidence in the company, the software creates a seamless experience for both passengers and providers.


When discussing the attributes, the Routing box possesses several remarkable features that establish it as the optimal selection when considering NEMT software options.

National Broker Connectivity

RoutingBox makes it possible for trips to be automatically retrieved from your broker’s portal. Mobile devices make it simple for drivers to complete trips, and once they are finished, trip information is sent back to the broker portal for quick payment processing. RoutingBox helps you connect with over 50 local brokers spread across the United States, even if you are not currently partnered with a broker.

Real-time Driver Tracking and Effective Time Management

You can easily track the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles using real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to determine how close they are to finishing their current trip. Drivers can directly clock in and out through the app, simplifying the management of hourly payments.

Geo Stamps and electronic signatures

The driver mobile app has a built-in feature that captures signatures, latitude, longitude, and time stamps for each trip, ensuring a thorough record for brokers who demand signatures and trip verification.

Revolutionary Auto Scheduler (Quick Assign)

The days of scheduling tasks for hours on end are long gone. The Auto-Scheduler (Quick Assign) feature, which uses the most advanced routing algorithm in the business, revolutionizes scheduling. It arranges your schedule to make the most trips possible with the fewest possible vehicles, maximizing efficiency.

Optimal Driver-Dispatcher Communication with Trip Updates in Real-Time

Real-time trip updates between drivers and dispatchers will result in improved communication and greater customer and employee satisfaction. By constantly monitoring the status of the trip, you can eliminate misunderstandings and improve customer service.

Optimize Routes Daily and Weekly for Peak Efficiency

With the leading Route Optimization tool in the market, you can easily adapt to weekly or daily route changes. Witness unmatched sophistication as you utilize your fleet effectively, accomplish more with fewer vehicles, and cut down on pointless unloaded miles.

Route Suggestions and Visual Dispatching

Using the route suggestion and visual dispatching features, you can easily manage daily changes and trip assignments. Find the most suitable driver for each trip to make sure your passengers arrive at their destinations quickly and effectively.

SMS Trip Reminder

Transporters can use the SMS Trip Reminder feature to send clients convenient trip reminders on time, with the added benefit of an opt-out choice for subsequent reminders.

Audit Trail Function

The audit trail function in RoutingBox offers complete visibility into changes made to account, driver, or passenger records as well as to trips. Easily confirm who made changes, when they occurred, and the details of each change to guarantee data accuracy.

Making Smart Decisions Using Comprehensive Reports

Businesses can access critical data for both short- and long-term decision-making thanks to the wide range of reports that RoutingBox provides. The software also makes it simple to export reports to Excel, enabling more in-depth analysis.

  • Customize the Interface of Your Dispatch Screen to Your Preference

By offering customization options for the dispatch screen, RoutingBox enables users to tailor their experience. Users can set up the system to prioritize what’s important to them by configuring everything from the amount of information displayed to color schemes and layout options.

Efficiency Improvement and Cost Cutting

The leading software in the industry, Route Optimization, maximizes efficiency by quickly determining the best routes, requiring fewer vehicles for more trips. It benefits your NEMT business in several ways by taking factors like vehicle capacities, driver qualifications, and passenger needs into account. This cuts down on labor hours, improves customer service, and uses less fuel.

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