Four Mistakes You Handle a Truck Accident Case without an Experienced Lawyer in Atlanta

Bringing a claim against a party responsible for a truck accident can be exhausting. You need to give accurate details and take proper steps to ensure the success of your claim. However, even a single mistake can ruin your case. In fact, a mistake can delay the settlement and negatively affect your financial recovery. Thankfully, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer can help you avoid making mistakes. Once you hire an attorney, you can avoid making any of the following mistakes:

Admitting Fault

If you handle the case alone, you could end up saying that you contributed to the crash. You could say this to a responding police officer, a passenger, or a witness. Regardless of who heard your admission, it can negatively affect your case. Because of this, you need to protect yourself and your settlement. Do not accept blame for causing the crash or even express guilt. In Atlanta, Georgia, your percentage of fault for causing a truck accident should not be greater than 50 percent to get compensation for damages. However, when you share liability, your total compensation will be reduced based on your percentage of fault. An attorney can help make sure liability is evaluated accurately.

Not Seeking Medical Attention

Not going to a doctor after a truck accident can compromise both your safety and possible legal claim. After an accident, the adrenaline rush may mask your pain and other symptoms. Thus, you may feel unhurt. However, a commercial truck is a monster and can crush down a smaller vehicle. Because of this, you may have internal injuries that present symptoms later and get worse when not addressed right away. To ensure your safety, you must get an immediate medical evaluation and treatment. 

In addition, not seeking medical attention gives the insurance company a reason to question the existence of your injury and losses. The company may argue that you are not as seriously injured as you claimed to be. 

Posting on Social Media

Posting about your accident on social media is a big mistake to avoid. Insurance companies will have people with prying eyes waiting for you to post something that can be used against you. A single post can lead to the denial of your claim. 

Giving a Statement to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies have adjusters who employ different tactics to get you to talk about the crash and your injuries. During a conversation with them, you could give them a statement that they can be used against your claim. Because of this, you should let your attorney handle talks with the adjuster. 

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