Injured in a car accident in Virginia? Check these details

On-road mishaps in Virginia often involve drivers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists who suffer the consequences of negligent driving. Victims are often oblivious of personal injury laws and miss out on the chance of seeking compensation from the liable party. If you were injured in a car accident, you should know the details listed below.

Your financial compensation is based on many elements

Virginia is a fault state for auto accidents, and therefore, whoever caused the accident is accountable for losses suffered by victims. However, whether or not you can recover financial compensation depends on many aspects, including your role. According to the contributory negligence rule in the state, you cannot file a lawsuit against the other party if you are at fault, no matter how small your percentage of the blame. Also, the nature of your injuries is a critical factor.

Your settlement can cover different losses

If you sue the other party, you can recover a settlement covering the cost of emergency care, ongoing treatment, and lost wages. You might also be entitled to punitive damages. Talk to an experienced injury lawyer at the earliest to know the value of your claim.

Seeking medical treatment is essential

You have to gather evidence at the scene, for which you can take pictures with your phone. However, what is just as relevant is your medical treatment. Check with a doctor as soon as you can, even if you are not seriously hurt. Always follow the doctor’s advice and maintain a file related to the treatment plan, medical bills, and other expenses. Your lawyer will rely on these details to determine additional facts.

You cannot trust insurance companies

All insurance companies work for premiums and profits and have no empathy for claimants. The claims adjuster could deny your claim on clumsy grounds, spy on your social media, and try to get a statement. The first offer from them is unlikely to be close to what you should get, which is why negotiating alone is never a wise idea. Talk to your lawyer to know how you can deal with the claims process better.

There is a statute of limitations

The statute of limitations sets the deadline for car accident lawsuits, and for some cases, you have two years, while others may have a shorter time cap. If you fail to act in time, your lawsuit could be at stake.

Find a local injury lawyer in Virginia and discuss your car accident case in detail.

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