Why You Need To Be Careful About Insurance Surveillance After A Bike Accident?

An insurance company aims to minimize spending to reimburse losses after any incident. They may accomplish this, for example, by suggesting an individual who claims to have losses or injuries is not disclosing the truth. For this reason, some have concerns about post-crash surveillance by insurance companies. If you suspect an insurance company is watching you, contact an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer to know what to do next. 

Why should you be careful about post-surveillance conducted by insurance companies?

Not all cases involve surveillance by insurance companies. To protect yourself against this risk, you should continue believing that they are. In general, an insurance company will act like this if they have reasons to believe you are making misleading or inaccurate representations. If they think that the matter will go to trial, they could further undertake surveillance. 

If the insurance provider decides to continue surveillance, they have several methods for doing so. Sometimes, all it takes is scrolling over your social media accounts to see pictures of your events & the data you share with others. For this reason, personal injury lawyers recommend avoiding sharing the events on these websites & encouraging others to follow likewise. 

How Can You Defend Yourself After a Motorbike Accident?

One should not limit oneself or their means of life. If you have a firm case, your personal injury lawyer will defend you for your rights. However, the following things could be helpful to you at this time:

  1. Turn off every social media account you use: Ensure that only known people have access to any information directly. Keep your social media presence minimal if others ask about your injuries & health. 
  1. Follow your doctor’s guidelines: If the doctor says you should refrain from driving a car or carrying more than 20 pounds of stuff, don’t do it. Follow your doctor’s advice. 
  1. Keep an eye on the surroundings. If you see a suspicious car parked outside your house or workplace, just know something fishy is happening.
  1. Use common sense: Do not perform anything that makes it risky for your claim. This is not the time to go scuba diving on vacation or to be pulled over for speeding.

Work with a lawyer.

Protecting yourself mostly involves fighting your case as soon as possible and to the best of your capacity. Do not expose yourself to risk. Work with a lawyer instead, who will protect your compensation and adequately and efficiently manage claims from insurance companies.

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